April 7 2018

Good rainy morning everybody!! I have several time slots open for next week. Wednesday 1 pm and 2:15pm, Thursday 230pm and 345pm Friday 1pm and 230pm. Grab your time while they last!!!
I'll be kneading you soon :)

February 15 2018

Thank you so much for the Love today Ginger GW. They are delicious ❣❣❣💋💞

February 14 2018

Today, I send Love and Healing energy to each and every one of you on this Earth❣💚 Happy Valentine's Day💞

January 23 2018

Good afternoon everyone. Just wanted to let you know I have 3 slots open for this week. 1pm Thursday and 1pm and 230pm Friday.Claim your spot before it's gone :)

December 26 2017

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!
I have several openings throughout the week so hop on in :)
Wednesday 27th at 330pm
Thursday 28th at 1 pm and 230 pm
Friday 29th at 2pm and 330pm

November 28 2017

Good afternoon all!! I hope today finds you well. I have one opening for tomorrow at 11AM and Friday at 11am if you would like that slot just click the book now button and you're on your way to relaxation!!!
Be kneadin you soon :)

November 18 2017

Good morning all my favorite peeps! I have 2 time slots open next week...Tuesday @ 230pm and Wednesday @ 2pm so come get your relaxation on before Thanksgiving!
Be kneadin you soon :)

November 4 2017

Good morning everyone! I have 2 time slots open for Friday November 10th at 12:45 and 2pm. Grab your time before it's gone :)
Kneading you soon :)

October 24 2017

Good evening all my peeps! I have 3 time slots open for this week. Thursday at 3pm & Friday at 1:30 and 3 pm So, hurry and grab your time slot :)
Be kneadin you soon :)

October 18 2017

Good afternoon all my favorite peeps😊! I have several openings for next week October 25, 26 and 27 and they are up for grabs at $45 for the hour!😲😲😲 Click the Book Now button to CLAIM YOUR SPOT!
I'll be kneadin you soon😁

October 13 2017

Good afternoon all. I have several openings for next week so feel free to claim a time slot!!!
Kneading you soon :)