June 12 2017

Good afternoon everyone! I have 4 time slots open for this week at the $45 per Hr rate... 1 slot on Thursday at 2:15 pm and 3 open for Friday starting at 12:30 pm so.... Click the Book Now button and claim your time before someone else does!
See you soon :)

August 27 2019

Good afternoon everybody! I hope you are enjoying the last days of summer!!! I have several openings for the week so don't forget to book your time slot at: massagebook.com/yinfiremassage

March 12 2019

Good afternoon my peeps!! I am loving this spring weather and I hope you are too. I have several openings this week so grab your time slot 🤩

February 14 2019

Happy Valentine's Day ❣️ Jenni...You are the bomb girlfriend 😘thank you so much!

January 3 2019

Happy New Year everyone!!!
I have several open slots for Wednesday and Thursday of next week so book your time before it's gone :)

November 7 2018

Good afternoon! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have slots open this week and next week. Grab your time before they are gone :)

October 16 2018

Good afternoon all my peeps! I have several slots open this week.
Wednesday 1pm. Thursday 130pm and 245 pm. Friday 1pm and 230pm.
Claim your spot!!

October 9 2018

Good afternoon my favorite peeps! I have several open slots for this week so click that Book Now button and claim your time! :)

September 23 2018
September 11 2018

Good evening all my peeps.  We have decided to close the shop Thursday -Tuesday so everyone can finish preparing for the hurricane  and clean up after. I hope you all stay safe and help your neighbors if they need it. Much love to you all💚

September 7 2018